Denture Prices

Denture Prices

Denture prices may be considered high, but in comparison with monthly expenses like home and auto loan payments, the cost of dentures is actually very reasonable. All three of these items can enhance your quality of life, but unlike dentures, your house and car payments continue on a monthly basis for years on end. When looked at in this context, dentures can actually be a bargain.

Dentures prices vary significantly across the board and there are many reasons why. The region you live in may have some affect. East coast living is generally more expensive than living in the mid-west, so denturists may need to charge more for their services to maintain higher office space fees.

There is also a price difference between the fees charged by prosthodontists when compared to fees charged by cosmetic denturists which may be as much as 30% lower.

And when it comes down to it, all denture insurance and denture discount plans were not created equally. Denture wearers should do some comparison shopping before they commit to any plan or company. It pays to do your homework!

Which brings us to the price of different types of dentures. To begin, partial dentures may sometimes actually wind up costing more than full dentures because of the precision measuring needed to make sure they fit between existing teeth. And some partial denture plates will be more expensive depending on their method of attachment.

Standard removable type dentures are less expensive than immediate type dentures which are set directly into the sockets once occupied by the natural teeth.

Denture implants are by far the most expensive type of denture, but they make up for it with one of the most secure fits available, and eliminate the discomfort created when dentures rub against the gum ridges.

Another factor in denture pricing is the type of materials used for manufacturing. Denture grade acrylics are the most used type of material, providing a smooth durable surface that allows for good fit and comfort. Denture acrylic is one of the less expensive denture materials.

Flexible dentures use a combination of denture grade acrylic enhanced with and overlay of flexible resin material. This denture is even more comfortable than plain acrylic dentures.

The soft denture is perhaps the most comfortable of all. It's denture base is totally made with the flexible resin, offering a snug fit that allows denture wearers the ability to eat foods that most standard denture wearers would find too difficult.

As you can see, there are many reasons why dentures carry the price that they do. Your denture professional can provide you with a complete list of charges for services offered.