Discount Dentures

Discount Dentures

With the rising cost of living today, everyone is looking for a discount, and it's no different for denture wearers. Denture wearers need good quality dentures at a price they can afford, but the cost can be a strain on the family budget. So what happens? The denture wearer makes the sacrifice and foregoes the much needed personal care, which eventually leads to bigger health care issues.

The cost of health insurance is simply out of reach for many Americans, with premiums shooting through the roof. How then can a denture wearer find a little help? Well there are a few resources out there.

For student denture wearers there can be a little relief. There are some low cost denture plans that offer discounts on full dentures. This denture discount may be as much as 50%, but you have to see a denturist who is a participant in the plan. The discount denture plan has different tiers of membership. The student denture wearer can join at a single rate, couples rate or even family rate. They key requirement is that the denture wearer is a currently enrolled student.

There are other dental plans out there with broader guidelines for membership acceptance, and many will give a significant discount on dentures, but will likely not offer discounts for higher level services like denture implants.

We need to clarify that these are dental plans, and they differ greatly from denture insurance. While you will enjoy a discount from the participating denturist, you are still responsible for paying your own health care costs. The denture plan will not make direct payments to your denturist on your behalf. You are simply receiving your denture services at a reduced rate. These programs also make no guarantee of the quality of denture services that you will receive.

Senior citizens may also find themselves at a small advantage. Many denturists will give an automatic discount to this seasoned group of denture wearers. State sponsored senior citizens programs, sometimes known as Silver Saver programs, may also be accepted toward discount rates on dentures.

Sometimes all it takes is for a denture wearer with financial hardship to ask their denturist if they are willing to discount the cost of the denture service. Denturists are caring human beings, and some do a certain amount of discounting each month as a form public service. While they cannot contribute to the cost of denture materials, they may be willing to give a small discount on fitting services.

Your denture professional may be able to supply you with information about discount denture plans in your area.