Same Day Dentures?

Same Day Dentures?

What are same day dentures? This type of denture is commonly known as immediate or temporary dentures. They are dentures prepared for people who still have their natural teeth, but for one reason or another need to have them removed. Let's take a look at the process.

Immediate dentures are just what they imply. Dentures that are immediately set into the jaw bone as soon as the natural teeth have been extracted. No waiting for a set of dentures to be manufactured while you survive on soft foods and milk shakes. In order to achieve this though, you will need to meet with your denturist ahead of time.

First, Your denture professional will take a set of measurements of your head, facial structure, and the dimensions of you inner mouth. These dimensions will be used to determine the proper size for your replacement denture teeth. Then together, you will select your new denture teeth. This is actually a pleasant experience. Many denture professionals have invested in computer technology that allows you to virtually choose the size shape and color of your dentures. You can select a set of completely white dentures in various shades, or go with more realistic denture teeth that have multiple shading to more closely imitate what Mother Nature gave us in the first place. Whatever your choice, you can custom design your new dentures into the perfect smile you've always dreamed about.

Once your selection has been made, all the info will be shipped off to the denture lab for manufacturing. Once the dentures have been returned it is time to install them.

Your denturist will begin by extracting the unwanted teeth. Then, while the sockets are still bleeding, he will cement the individual dentures directly into the boney ridge.

There are advantages as well as drawbacks to this type of denture. As the gums heal, the swelling will go down and the new dentures may tend to shift a little, requiring some adjustments. However, the advantages outweigh this. The immediate dentures tend to lessen the pain of the initial extractions. By setting the dentures directly into the boney ridge, the process of resorption is nearly eliminated. Bone tissue needs pressure to stimulate the production of more bone, thereby replacing itself as needed. Immediate dentures assist this process to continue.

Immediate, or same day dentures can really be advantageous over the standard denture process. Consult with your denture professional for further info.