Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic dentures are a world away from old fashioned false teeth. When most people think of dentures, they think of their grandparent's teeth floating in a jar because they were too uncomfortable to be worn full time. Not so for today's dentures. Advancements in denture technology have brought us beautiful, durable dentures that look and feel great!

Cosmetic dentures can really give a boost to your facial appearance. By increasing the distance between your upper and lower jaw, facial muscles are given a "lift" which can minimize wrinkles around the mouth area.

And that's not all. Computer imaging technology gives you the chance to go "shopping" for your new dentures. It's like trying on fabulous clothes at the mall before you buy. Start by looking at an array of pink denture bases in shades and styles that can be combined to perfectly match your natural gums. Then move on to the real fun, picking out teeth. Now is your chance to change your style if you like. Want teeth that are a little whiter, a little larger or longer? You can have them in your new denture! You can even pick the shape or style that you've always wanted. You have the power to design custom dentures with your dream smile. But don't forget, if you were happy with your old smile, cosmetic dentures can be made to match that too.

Cosmetic dentures also provide optimum comfort. George Washington could only wish he'd had it so good. Cosmetic dentures make use of all the latest manufacturing techniques.Previously, denture bases were manufactured with a heat curing process that would slightly distort the base from the original bite molds they were meant to duplicate. Injection molded acrylic bases eliminate this shrinkage and warping. The result? Denture bases that perfectly match your gums for the best possible fit, which means the best possible comfort for you.

The best possible fit means the most stability. Cosmetic dentures can also utilize implant technology. Titanium rods can be surgically implanted into the boney ridge of the jaw, and the new denture can be mounted directly on each post. The process is good for one tooth, a partial denture bridge, or a complete set of dentures. No more embarrassing slipping around when you eat or speak. Cosmetic dentures can feel so secure and comfortable you'll forget they aren't your natural teeth!

With new cosmetic dentures, the battle between looking good and feeling good is over, and you have been declared the winner!