Oral Problems

Oral Problems

Tooth decay, periodontal diseases, and missing natural teeth are just some of the kinds of oral problems that may lead to the need for dentures. In times gone by, many people simply suffered in silence, and gaps between teeth were unattractive, but expected. Today, there are so many great alternative solutions provided by dentures that suffering is not necessary. Let's examine some these problems a little closer.

Periodontal diseases are basically bacterial infections of the tissues and bone surrounding the teeth. These infections can cause redness and swelling of the gum tissue, and if left unchecked, can lead to bone loss and a loosening or complete loss of the natural teeth. One of the most commonly known of these bacterial infections is gingivitis. Research indicates stress may also play a factor, making it harder for the body to fight off infection. Once tooth loss is a reality, the need for dentures isn't far behind.

Severe tooth decay is one of the most obvious causes of the need for dentures. Crowded teeth can intensify the problem as decay easily spreads to the next healthy tooth. Once a tooth is past the reasonable stage for repair it usually requires removal. Dentures can then take the place of natural teeth, providing chewing ability and better self esteem.

Whenever teeth are missing from the jaw, natural teeth begin a subtle shift into the open spaces. This eventually causes problems with bite and jaw alignment. Dentures, especially partial dentures, denture implants and Cu-Sil dentures all help provide the stability needed to keep the remaining natural teeth in place. Denture implants have the added advantage of keeping bone loss at bay.

Missing teeth can also affect your facial appearance. The muscles that control your facial expressions need teeth to support them. A good set of dentures can provide the necessary support, eliminating that caved-in look around the mouth. Cosmetically, dentures can deliver some of the benefits of a face lift without the surgery! And in many cases, dentures cost less.

Likewise, missing teeth can present problems speaking properly. Well fitting dentures can eliminate this problem also, and certainly provide a boost for you self esteem. No more covering your mouth with your hand when you laugh and smile! The personal confidence you gain may well be worth enduring the multi-stage fitting process.

It's no secret that tooth loss leads to difficulty chewing. This problem has the potential to affect our nutrition, in severe cases leading to malnutrition. Dentures can be essential in correcting cases such as these.

Dentures have proven themselves to be beneficial under a wide set of circumstances. If you're currently suffering from any of these problems, it may be a good idea to consult your denture professional today.