Denture Suction Ultra

Denture Suction Ultra

Denture technology is constantly moving forward and providing denture wearers with better and better options for denture comfort and fit. If you had given up on ever getting the type of denture suction that you desperately need to make your dentures snug and comfortable, then you're about to become one happy denture wearer!

There are some new products on the market that will be raising the bar for denture grip and comfort. Let's take a look at two of them.

The first innovation is a completely new type of denture commonly referred to in the denture industry as an ultra suction denture. This type of denture is manufactured with a built-in one way air valve that literally sucks the air out from between the denture base and the gums when the denture is placed in the mouth. This creates a vacuum and holds the denture firmly against the gums and roof of the mouth. Air cannot re-enter the one way valve, so the denture will not come out of place until you use gentle pressure to remove them.

This type of denture can offer the same level of stability provided by denture implants, but the difference in price is amazing. A single surgically implanted titanium post can cost as much as $1500.00. The ultra suction denture claims to cost a fraction of that price, usually more in line with, but slightly higher than the cost of standard dentures. This new type of denture is looking very promising.

Our next innovation uses simple suction cup technology. This device closely resembles a denture reline, which adds a layer of flexible resin to the old denture base to fill in open areas between the gums and denture base, providing cushioning and added grip. The new suction cup denture works on a similar premises. A silicone rubber pad with dozens of tiny suction cups is attached to the denture base. When inserted into the denture wearer's mouth, the cups form a suction to the gums and roof of the mouth, thereby holding the denture base in place. This also provides added comfort by cushioning the gums from the denture. This silicone liner can easily be added to existing dentures, eliminating the need for denture creams and adhesives. It is also much less expensive than previous remedies mentioned.

If your dentures no longer provide you with the comfort and fit you need, ask you denture professional about denture suction devices.