Denture Implants

Denture Implants

So, your dentist has just broken the're now a candidate for dentures.With all the options available today, which denture is right for you? Well, whether you need one tooth, just a few, or a full set, denture implants may be the right choice for you.

Standard dentures involve a plastic prosthetic that fits over you gums and boneridge. As time goes on, you begin to loose bone mass and your gums start to shrink.Your dentures no longer fit as well as they used to which leads to slippage when youeat and speak. This slippage eventually leads to sore gums. You are now in need of adjustments,which could even include a whole new set of dentures. If this doesn't sound like your idea of fun, perhaps denture implants are a better solution.

Installation of denture implants is a two-step process. Step one involves the placement of small titanium mounts directly into the jaw bone.The mounts are then given time to heal and bond with the existing bone, becoming the "root" or anchor for the new denture. When healing is complete you are ready for step two, mounting the new tooth on each post.

Denture implants are also suitable for mounting entire plates in both the upper and lower jaw. Once the process is complete, your new dentures are permanent.There are a number of advantages to denture implants.They essentially act like natural teeth because they don't move around in your mouth. You are better able to eat and speak.They also help prevent the bone loss and gum shrinkage that standard denture wearers often struggle with.By preserving your natural bone structure and tooth placement,denture implants can actually help you look younger longer.

Another advantage to denture implants is the ability to chew as well as you would with your natural teeth.You have the freedom to eat all the favorite foods you used to, without the fear or embarrassment of having your dentures pop out onto the dinner table!Cleaning your denture implants is also more convenient than the care required by standard dentures.Just brush and rinse as you would with natural teeth. And no messy adhesive creams or gels are needed to keep denture implants in place.

Denture implants have one of the highest success rates of all dental restorations, nearly 93%, and they don't decay. If you're looking for the closest replacement to your natural teeth, denture implants may be your best option.