Cosmetic Dentures

Cosmetic Dentures

For current, future, or potential dentures wearers concerned about the fake teeth look, many dentists specialize in cosmetic dentures. These dentures, generally porcelain, look more like real teeth than do the more common plastic dentures. Recent developments in research and dentistry equipment allow for even greater improvement in the look and feel of cosmetic dentures. Some dentists now offer such things as choice in color, shape, and size of your teeth and computerized imagery of what your new teeth could look like along with the latest in equipment to make sure your teeth both look and feel good. Most cosmetic prosthodontists will take into account the details of your face size and structure to make sure you dentures are not only attractive but comfortable as well.

Despite the many benefits of cosmetic dentures, some individuals may choose to opt for more traditional ones. For one thing, cosmetic dentures cost significantly more than plastic ones. Plus, with recent technology and equipment, dentists are able to make even plastic dentures look more real than your grandparents did. However, even if your regular dentures you purchase look great, they probably will not look as real as what an experienced cosmetic prosthodontist can offer. All denture wearers need to decide what works best for them. The key to answering this question is deciding which is more important to them-price or aesthetic value? Once they can answer this question, the right answer is obvious.


Those in the Minnesota area may want to check out Dr. Mark W. Wilhelm. His twenty years of experience have given him the knowledge needed to provide patients with truly excellent dentures. The training denture stands out as the signature of his denture method. All patients are given a training denture that looks more real than an immediate denture and allows individuals and Dr. Wilhelm to monitor the look and feel of the denture before creating a permanent one.

Cosmetic Dentistry directory of cosmetic dentists stretches across the USA. Their information is completely free and can be found either through an alphabetical list of states or through an interactive map of America. Clicking on a state opens a map of that state, and clicking on areas within that state help you find the cosmetic dentist closest to your own area. Cosmetic Dentistry not only helps in the search for a dentist but also offers information on the field in general.