Denture Cleaner

Denture Cleaner

Although many denture wearers prefer to clean their dentures with more traditional homemade denture cleaners, others opt for purchasing commercial cleaners. Regardless of what method you choose, if you wear dentures, you cannot afford to neglect using a denture cleaner. Messy dentures breed an unhealthy mouth and a variety of health problems as a result, not to mention an increasingly unattractive smile.

For those interested in commercial cleaners, common options include Sea-Bond, Polident, and ProClean. Numerous other options exist on the market. However, make sure whatever you choose has an ADA (American Dental Association) seal of approval. After spending a considerable amount of money on your dentures, you don't want to ruin them by using an unsafe cleanser.

Despite the ease of purchasing a cleanser, many people choose to go the economical way and make their own. In reality, making homemade cleansers is not much more time consuming than purchasing a commercial cleanser. Some of the simplest cleansers include soaking your dentures in white vinegar overnight, cleaning them with dish soap, or soaking them in a cup of cheap vodka mixed with a tablespoon of lemon juice and baking soda. Whatever choice you make, you need to clean your dentures morning and evening and give them at least a rinse, possible even a brushing after each meal. Keeping up with these simple procedures could help guarantee both your oral health and attractiveness for years to come.


If you are looking for inexpensive, easy-to-use denture cleaners, look into Dental-Mart. The site offers a variety of different products relating to dental care. Some dental cleaners offered include a variety of Protech products, a selection of denture brushes, and a Branson Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner. The site offers all its products at reasonable prices.

Look into Animated - for information on cleaning false teeth. The site gives information on different denture cleaners both commercial and otherwise. In addition, it offers instructions on cleaning and soaking your dentures. Also, it warns against indiscriminate use of commercial cleansers. Many denture wearers have experienced allergic reactions, some resulting in death, to these cleansers.

Check out Denture Help for more information on cleaning dentures. The site does not offer a list of good commercial products or recipes for homemade cleaners. However, it does give an in-depth, eight-step process on cleaning dentures. Denture Help also offers additional information on various denture and dental needs and questions.

Another page on Animated - offers several recipes for inexpensive, homemade denture cleaners. Some common household products used are bleach, Calgon water softener, baking soda, and vinegar. If you do choose to use bleach, follow the instructions carefully and read the precautions listed on Animated - first.