Denture Problems

Denture Problems

Many people with severe tooth loss need dentures to properly function in day-to-day life. However, these same dentures can also cause wearers problems, making their lives that much harder. Many denture wearers experience pain, trouble talking or eating, and difficulty moving their mouth. Others have problems with their dentures fitting properly. Unfortunately, some of these issues may result in dissatisfying consequences. For example, certain foods may never make it onto their menu again. However, take comfort, most of these issues do have solutions.

Pain generally peaks during two periods. First, dentures may initially cause pain because the wearer is not used to the fit. Secondly, pain can emerge a few years later when the dentures no longer fit properly. For the latter problem, the wearer needs to go to the dentist and get the dentures relined. For the former, the user needs to be patient. The pain should lessen once his or her mouth gets used to the dentures. Also, the wearer should talk to his or her doctor and research home remedies for this pain.

Troubles eating, talking, and difficulty with moving the mouth usually result from three causes: the first few days when the wearer needs to get used to the dentures, from a need to get the dentures relined, or from a poor fit. For any of these problems, the denture user should talk to his or her doctor immediately.


On this page, dental expert Dr. Spiller talks about denture wearers and the problems that develop which signal a need for new dentures. Not only does he mention these issues, he explains the reasons for these problems and even how to prevent some of them. Of course, in the event of a serious problem, no such page can replace a visit to your dentist.

For those individuals whom, after reading the potential problems associated with dentures, wonder whether they should or should not get dentures after all, this page, offering information on the prose and cons of dentures, may be an invaluable resource. The page gives reasons why some people believe they need dentures and explains why some of these reasons are invalid. It also clearly explains when dentures are a necessity.

Street Directory gives seven pieces of advice for dealing with painful dentures. Advice includes learning how to properly clean them, deciding if you are allergic to something in your dentures, figuring out what foods you can eat without pain, making sure to take your dentures out overnight, and using Aloe Vera gel.

R. J. C. Wilding. BDS, Dip Pros. M.Dent. Ph.D elaborates on common reasons for gum pain. Although geared towards other doctors and health professionals this page may be of interest to some individuals looking for in-depth explanations of their problems. However, those with a less technical bend will probably want to pass on this site.