How to Clean Dentures

How to Clean Dentures

Just like real teeth, dentures need regular cleaning. Although they will not decay, unclean dentures, among other things, look unattractive, create bad odors, and can introduce bacteria into your system. No denture wearer can afford to forgo regular cleaning. Several methods and tricks of denture cleaning exist. Each method has different pros and cons. Choosing which one to use depends on which method works best for you.

One of the oldest, cheapest, and simplest methods consists of soaking your dentures overnight in white vinegar. The next morning, brush and rinse them before putting them on. Another inexpensive method is cleaning with dish soap. Although both of these methods are effective, cheap, and safe, for various reasons, some people prefer to use commercial cleaners. If you make this choice, choose a cleaner with an ADA (American Dental Association) seal of approval. You don't want to use a cleaner that will damage or destroy your expensive investment. Some denture wearers choose to soak their dentures in Efferdent or Polident overnight. Again, just like with white vinegar, brush and rinse them before wearing them the next morning. If these manual methods of denture cleaning aren't enough, consider purchasing an ultrasonic cleanser.

In addition to regular morning and evening cleaning, rinse dentures after each meal. Rinsing will remove excess food particles and contribute to the overall attractiveness and healthfulness of your mouth. Some experts even recommend taking things a step further and brushing instead of rinsing after meals.

Although all foods will create unclean dentures, be especially careful to clean your teeth after drinking tea, coffee, or wine. If you smoke, make sure to cleanse your dentures when you finish smoking. Even with careful cleaning, these activities should be used only in moderation.


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