Same Day Dentures

Same Day Dentures

If you are looking to repair your smile in a hurry, same day dentures are your solution. They are also known as immediate dentures. The reason for this is that they are fitted to your teeth immediately following your tooth extraction.

Same day dentures are implanted on the same day your teeth are extracted, but there is much work that has to be done before your "denture day" arrives! You will have several appointments ahead of time that will include making wax impressions of your future dentures. As soon as your teeth have been extracted, your dentures are ready to be implanted. As your mouth recovers from both the extraction and the implantation, the dentures will shift. They will need to be realigned in a follow-up appointment.

There are several benefits of same day dentures. The first is that you will never be without teeth-even in the healing process. Also, immediate dentures actually help your mouth heal; they protect the bone sockets of your removed teeth. Same day dentures, also, are guaranteed to fit because they are created from your actual teeth, prior to their extraction.

There are also disadvantages to same day dentures. You are sure to need yet another appointment because your mouth will have shifted as gums and tissues heal. Also, you will need a second, better-fitting denture set soon after the initial set. Although you would need a second set if you had chosen conventional dentures (not same day), your second appointment with same day dentures comes sooner, thus increasing the money you will pay in a shorter amount of time.

Same day dentures are a great way to repair your smile in a hurry. If you want to see your smile improve NOW, there is something you can do to make that happen.


The dentistry program of the University of Iowa gives some very relevant information about immediate dentures. They answer some of the most common questions-from what they are to why they cost more than conventional dentures. The information is straightforward and laid out in a clear, easy to read format. Although the list of questions is not exhaustive, it is helpful.

Although is specific to one particular dentist, the information is applicable to anyone interested in same day dentures. They lay out the procedure very clearly, including the pre-op appointments and what they include, as well as what to do immediately following your procedure, and the reactions you can expect afterwards. You may find this website helpful in making your decision to get same day dentures.

Wow! You are sure to find anything you need to know about same day dentures on This site is jam-packed with information, diagrams, and photographs that will be very helpful to you. They discuss six different types of dentures, one of them being same day (or immediate) dentures. So if you know you'd like dentures, and you're still not convinced that immediate dentures are not for you, there are other types that you can check out. Enjoy the read-it's quite thorough!