Permanent Dentures

Permanent Dentures

With recent advances in technology, cumbersome removable dentures may become a thing of the past. Permanent dentures, available as either full or partial dentures, allow patients to keep their new teeth in their mouth and not worry about removing them for cleaning and other maintenance and care. Also, because the dentures will not shift like temporary dentures, many users claim they experience less soreness and rubbing.

Although it may seem cutting-edge technology has only recently allowed these modern advances in dental practices, in reality, permanent dentures date as far back as the Mayans. Recent archeologists discovered a woman with seashells, polished and shaped to look like teeth, permanently imbedded into her gums. Of course, modern permanent dentures have much more sophistication than these early seashell designs.

First, a dentist or prosthodontist will make a wax model of your gums. Then artificial teeth will be placed into this model so your dentist can decide how these teeth should be put in your mouth. Next, the dentist will put pieces of titanium into your gums. Once your jaw heals, artificial teeth will be bonded to the pieces.

Although many people prefer permanent dentures, due to the complex process and modern science involved, the price tends to be higher than other dentures. Insurance covers some of this cost, but the price may still be out of some budgets. However, for those people who want permanent dentures, shop for a good price. Prices vary from doctor to doctor. Find one that works for you.

Links: explains some of the negatives and benefits of permanent dentures. It begins with a background of dental and denture treatments, then details the workings of permanent dentures, continues into describing their virtues, and ends with some of possible drawbacks of permanent dentures. The most common drawback is the cost. Permanent dentures can cost well into the tens of thousands of dollars. offers details on the benefits of dentures. Some of these benefits include not having to worry about your dentures losing their clips or suction and being able to eat better with teeth that stay in your mouth rather than slip around. The article then describes the process by which a dentist will implant permanent dentures in your mouth.

According to the Beauty Cosmetic Guide, permanent dentures have both their drawbacks and their virtues. The site seeks to give a balanced idea of both. Although the main drawback is the price, some safety issues may also deter denture wearers. However, others may feel the benefits listed on this page far outweigh any possible negatives.