Cost of Dentures

Cost of Dentures

Prices of dentures depend on two factors: the kind of denture you need or want and how extensive of a denture your situation requires.

For basic full dentures you could spend as little as $300 - $500 per single plate. Both plates together will run in the $600 - $1000 range. However, something this cheap will probably not last as long and may not look realistic.

Average dentures in both price and look will cost a few hundred more dollars per plate or close to twice as much for full dentures. Once you get into the high quality range, the costs rises to $1,000 -$2,000 per plate and as much as $8,000 for a full set.

Of course, if you do not need full dentures but only partial dentures, then the prices will be a bit more flexible. Although dentures for as little as $300 - $500 are available, the $700 - $1800 range is a little more common with $2,000 - $4,000 for gold partials. Two other things that denture prices depend on are your doctor and your insurance. Many doctors, or prosthodontists, make a living designing dentures for patients and will charge more than your regular dentist. However, their services may be worth the extra price. As for insurance, different companies cover different amounts. Some pay as much as half, while others cover a considerably smaller amount. If cost is an issue, find out what your insurance will cover before making a decision.


Greg Johnstone explains what dentures are, why you may need them, how to choose the right dentist, and what things consider when shopping for a set. He also gives information on what factors will determine the cost of your dentures such as what kind of dentist you have, where your dentists practices, what kind of insurance you hold, how extensive of a partial denture you need, what quality or materials you want in your dentures, additional procedures such as tooth removal, and what sort of warranty your dentures come with.

WebMD explains the difference between complete and partial dentures, lists various alternatives to dentures, describes how dentures are made, and offers information on insurance coverage. Although this sight offers little information on the actual cost of dentures, it is a useful source for those wondering what they need in dentures. Once you figure out what you need, deciding on the best price becomes easier. offers information on determining how much to spend on dentures. The article focuses primarily on what kind of coverage insurance companies offer. With the high cost of dental procedures today, having a good insurance coverage and knowing what your insurance offers is pivotal to getting the best work for your money.